Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar this sunday

It's the Oscars this Sunday the night when we all find out who is going to win Best Picture and we get to see what everyone is wearing. I am most definitley going to watch it that is if I don't have to work at night that is. I am going to have to go elsewhere and find out who the nominations are and then I will come back here and tell you who I want to win and what Movie I want to win although it will probably be Avatar directed by James Cameron. Okay I would like to see The Blind side win Best Picture but I have a feeling that Avatar will win. For Best Actor I would like to see Jeff Bridges for Best actress Sandra Bullock hands down I thought she was awesome in the Blind Side For Best Supporting actor I would like to see Christoph Waltz. I loved him in Inglorious Basterds. For Best Supporting actress I think it should be Mo'Nique. And for Best Director I think it's going to be James Cameron but I would like to see Bigelow. Well here you have it my picks. We are all goingto have to wait and see who will win. It should be a fun show on Sunday.

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